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Paulina i Łukasz Leguccy
Trzylatków Duzy 23
05-620 Bledow
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Blueberry fruit
Welcome to my blueberry fresh fruit plantation

I would like to present the offer of my farm, where I mainly produce blueberry fresh fruit.

The growing area is of 11 ha. It is mainly young crop thanks to which I can offer my customers product of high quality. Moreover, the variant structure of the plantations enables me to distribute fruit from the first month of the holiday until autumn. Cooling equipment I have at my disposal makes this period even few weeks longer.


The farm has been run for a long time now thanks to which I have few-generation experience in farming. The theoretical knowledge of functioning of gardening I gained by studying in Gardening and Landscape Architecture Department in Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego in Warsaw.

I wish that my knowledge and experience served you well as healthy and good fruit.

Łukasz i Paulina Leguccy

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Gospodarstwo Sadownicze
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