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Variant offer

 My farm offers a wide range of variants of highbush blueberry. They were carefully selected as far as size and taste quality is concerned. That is why my offer starts with variants which give their fruit already in the middle of summer and ends with variants giving their fruit in autumn. Thanks to this, I can ensure the continuity of distribution of fresh fruit for over two months. Appropriate agricultural science and cooling equipment enables me to store large quantity of the fruit. This makes it possible to prolong sales for few weeks without the loss of quality, taste and health qualities of the blueberry fruit.


I offer the fruit in containers of 125, 150, 250, 300 and 500g.

The blueberry fruit directly from the plantation is put into cooling place where it is cooled to the temperature of 60 C. This causes that the fruit is fresh and firm for a very long time and also it is not attacked by fungus. From this place the fruit is sent to the purchases.

Our variety offer:

Brigitta Blue